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Why Will Writes a Blog

This is probably the only page on the site that isn't in verse. (Well, other than the Privacy Policy. That was written by someone with legal knowledge.) But it's time to explain why Will does a poetry blog in the first place.

Will's blog was started for fun. The idea was that the struggling economy -- something we've all experienced in one way or another -- had put even a successful poet and playwright like Will out of work and, as a result, he was having to start over. But life in general (and public tastes in particular) had changed so much that he had to reinvent himself. As a result, he started the blog and started writing anything that came to mind, whether it was serious or funny, and trying to write every kind of poetry he came across -- all in hopes of gaining a new modern audience.

But Will had a second idea in mind as well. Most of us read the work of successful poets and think, "Wow! I could never write something that good!" That's because most poets only show their best stuff.

Will's different. Will considers himself a working poet. By that he means he has to put out a certain amount of work each week -- just like any other worker -- and sometimes it's not as good as he would like.

Sometimes the muse is happy. She can't seem to give Will enough ideas and he gets a lot of poetry written. Then he can put up the best stuff and keep polishing the rest until he's happy with it.

But sometimes the muse refuses to help. Will's got to post something in an hour and he's got nothing, so he just puts together the best work he can. That happens more often than you might think. (The extra poems from other weeks sometimes help when that happens.)

Sometimes it just takes a lot of time to write the poetry. Will went on hiatus for a year because the blog didn't make money but it was taking a lot of time he needed for projects that DID make money. Now that those projects are finished, Will has started back -- but only posting 3 times a week rather than 4. Hopefully that will avoid the problems that forced his sabbatical.

He tries to avoid putting up what could be charitably called "crap" -- trust me, you haven't seen Will's worst stuff! But it's rare that he's completely happy with what he posts. You'll notice that sometimes, if he comes up with a rewrite he really likes, he posts new versions of old poems. But as a general rule, unless he really likes the potential of a piece, Will just moves on to new material.

What does Will hope to accomplish by working this way? Hopefully, he'll encourage the budding poets among you readers out there to get over your fear of not being good enough. He wants you to try your hand at writing poems. Sometimes Will comes up with a real gem... but he'd have never found it if he didn't write a lot of poetry that wasn't as good. You don't see all the rejected poems that the "great" poets wrote, but Will lets you see quite a bit of his "less than great" work in hopes that you'll find the courage to write.

Great poets aren't born. They're the result of writing lots of not-so-great poems in order to learn what makes a great one. Will keeps trying new forms and techniques in his poetic pursuits. Hopefully he's improving as he continues to write... and hopefully you'll be encouraged to do the same.

Now it's time to get back to writing verse!