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They took my first book but now won't take new ones. (Go figure.)
Since Smashwords distributes my books to Apple anyway,
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Folio, Folio: Where's It in the Folio?

My folio grows larger every day.
Are you confused? Perhaps this guide will help.
Generic categories now appear
To help identify the forms I use.

A sonnet: Such a useful, classic form
Should certainly be celebrated here!

Arts and exercise: Trivial pursuits?
Perhaps... but worthy of a second look.

Ballad meter: Lines alternate between
Tetrameter and trimeter; may rhyme.

Bible stories: Sometimes I'm serious
But sometimes not. I like Bible stories!

Blank verse: The standard Shakespearean line,
It's unrhymed iambic pentameter.

Dogged by the Curse: The Pulp Poet Project -
My first attempt to fuse pulp tales and verse.

Dreamt of in your philosophy: Religion,
Philosophy, science – challenging topics.

Free verse: No set meter, line length, or rhyme.
A form that can be tricky to write well.

Green-eyed münster: Truly cheesy pieces;
Guilty pleasures none confess to liking.

Heterometric: A generic term
For poems with lines of no set meter.

Holiday cheer: A look at holidays –
The good and the bad that makes them ok.

Hymn meter: Poems using the metrical
Index found in the back of most hymnbooks.

Little Cupid's crafty arrow: Romance
And matters of the heart; the lover's art.

Lotus-inspired: My attempts to adapt
Japanese verse forms for English usage.

Low haiku: Even my best attempts are
A pale expression of Japanese art.

Merely players: Immortalized here, greats
From sports and arts and other things we love.

One touch of Nature: A look at the world
And the beauties and wonders that fill it.

Proverbial clauses: Thoughts of the wise.
(Or, senile musings from the white-haired set.)

Sailing by the star: Of weighty matters –
Questions posed, life examined, truth explored.

Such stuff as dreams: Take a flight of fancy
As classics are reborn... in twisted ways.

Sweets to the sweet: Chocolate is its own reward.
If chocolate be the food of life, bake on!

Syllable counts: Each line has a certain
Number of syllables; feet may vary.

Terza rima: Poems based on the stanza
Created by Dante Alighieri.

Tetrameter: Four feet (stresses) in each
Line (could be eight syllables) and may rhyme.

The blues: Sometimes a song can say it best;
Maybe a verse makes more sense set to music.

Thereby hangs a tale: In just a few lines
A story emerges -- maybe a good one!

This strange eventful history: The past
Should never be forgotten, not ever...

Through another man's eyes: Situations
Never look the same in another's shoes.

Tongue-tied musings: Routine matters and such;
General things that I must deal with daily.

Too much of a good thing: Of randiness
Speak we here; though just how good, we know not!

Trimeter: Three feet (stresses) in each line
(That can be six syllables) and may rhyme.