Apple doesn't like listing me as "Will Shakespeare (poetry blogger)"
to differentiate me from the other guy, although everybody else does.
They took my first book but now won't take new ones. (Go figure.)
Since Smashwords distributes my books to Apple anyway,
just go to my Smashwords author page and download EPUBs from there.
Smashwords provides samples of my books also.


Ordered from most recent book (top) to oldest book (bottom).

The Exercist:

A Not-So-Divine Comedy about Health & Fitness in Devilishly Clever Verse

299 pdf banner src=Poetry blogger Will Shakespeare is at it again — this time with a parody of Dante Alighieri's classic, The Divine Comedy.

When an overweight guy's family forces him to get help dealing with his demon pal Sloth, he goes to see an Exercist. (That's a specialist who gets rid of demons by working 'em hard at the gym.) But neither the Exercist nor the demon is very cooperative and our guy is caught in the middle... until he comes up with his own plan for dealing with BOTH problems.

Health and fitness (and possibly exorcism) will never be the same again!

AVAILABLE IN ELECTRONIC EDITIONS ONLY. Available on Kindle and Nook, and at Smashwords (which distributes the book to Apple and Kobo, among others).

The Murder at Muffet's Place
and Other Poetic Parodies

Gregorian chants uttered by dying Vikings... fat Sith lords... classic Yeti rock... Roman emperors invading Hades... a famous Greek hero on trial for murder... roasted parakeets... a battle between a famous radioactive Japanese monster and a legendary Chinese hero... a Bible villain’s missing wife... and, of course, one dead spider.

These are just a few of the victims in Will’s new poetry collection. Containing some of his favorites from the blog, as well as several never-before-seen pieces, this book serves as a classic introduction to his sometimes twisted poetry.

NOTE: No spiders, monsters, Sith, Romans, Vikings, etc. were harmed during the writing of these parodies. (At least not that we know of.)

Available on Kindle and Nook, in paperback (at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, among others), and at Smashwords (which distributes the book to Apple and Kobo, among others).

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