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They took my first book but now won't take new ones. (Go figure.)
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just go to my Smashwords author page and download EPUBs from there.
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Monday, February 23, 2015

The Mail of the Species

Hello, Mr. or Mrs. [name misspelled]!
Your credit has been pre-approved;
One of our exorbitantly-priced vehicles
Can be yours if you hurry!
Here’s a great deal on your magazine
Subscription which expired seven months ago;
We know you didn’t mean to let it expire
And the 15 renewal notices we sent
Must have simply slipped your mind.
Every year, millions of yard gnomes are stolen;
Your monthly gift of $40 can help stop the madness.
We’re sending you this handwritten solicitation because
We desperately need you to believe we care
About you. (And your money.)
But this is a limited-time offer. ACT NOW!

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