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Monday, February 2, 2015

After the Stupor Bowl

Early morning pregame show
Began but I was moving slow.
Picked up speed throughout the day
As every channel had their say.
The pizza came before the game.
(We ate it but the crust was lame.)
The national anthem made us weep;
By gametime we were half asleep.
The first half was a game of chess
And Katy should have worn MUCH less
At halftime! We were getting tired;
A shot of caffeine got us wired
So we could watch the second half.
New England had the final laugh
But not before our eyes got glazed;
We crashed before the final plays.
I woke up, twisted in a knot—
My neck is sore, my back is shot.
My dream day wound up in the pits…
I waited all year long for THIS?

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