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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Vinyl Frontier

Welcome to the Forty-Fifth Century
Where we live our lives synthetically.
We got wearable plastic to coat our skin;
We got eatable plastic to keep us thin.
Our plastic guards walk our plastic floors
And our plastic connections open plastic doors.
We squeak when we sit, we squeak when we stand,
And we make squeaky love—both planned and unplanned!
Our politicos all wear plastic smiles
On Teflon faces. (That’s still in style!)
Our squeaky dogs have squeaky fleas;
Our squeaky wheels get squeaky grease.
Our dancers bump and squeak (not grind);
Our squeaky scholars have lost their squeaking minds
Seeking ways to stop these squeaks we now abhor.
But still, we babble that we have boldly gone where no civilization has ever gone before…

Now remind me, since we’re standing here:
Why did we cross that Vinyl Frontier?

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