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Monday, August 11, 2014


It’s a long long way
From this rest stop to the next
And the fan belt won’t stop squealing
It’s as if this car was hexed
There’s a knocking from the rear end
And the cooler’s sprung a leak
Gosh, the road trip’s barely started—
Will we make it through the week?
We be trippin’
As we putter down the coast
We be trippin’
And my brain’s already toast
Till this trip is at its end
Into madness we’ll descend
‘Cause we trippin’

Yeah, we slippin’
Losing touch with what is real
I be grippin’
Ever tighter on the wheel
Life back home don’t seem so bad
When these road trips drive you mad
I be trippin’
Oh dear Lord, if I survive
Next time out we’ll fly, not drive
No more trippin’

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