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Friday, July 25, 2014

P. Doggy

My apologies to P. Diddy.
The dog had refused to cooperate every time I took him out.
When we finally embarked on our daily walk
he had to stop so many times I nicknamed him P.Doggy…
and from that came this crazy rap song.

He ain’t been all day
He’s an anxious mutt
He ain’t got no time
To sit and lick his butt
He’s P. Doggy
He’s gotta go P. Doggy

I said, “Hey, P. Doggy!
Wanna go for a walk?”
He drug me straight to the door
He didn’t want no talk
He’s P. Doggy
He’s gotta go P. Doggy

Early on, he wouldn’t wake up
So he missed
Now his eyes are sorta bulging
Gotta let

He’s a spoiled little mongrel
But his rep is good
He takes the lead with his homie
When they’re prowling the ‘hood
He wants his doggy treats straight
From his homeboy’s hand
And likes his water served neat
In a golden pan
He got his doggy license bling
Hanging ‘round his neck
But if he don’t go soon
He’s gonna be a wreck
He’s P. Doggy
He’s gotta go P. Doggy
He’s gonna go P. Doggy
He’s gonna go—

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