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Friday, July 18, 2014

Creature from the Block Lagoon

“NO!” he snaps when I say playtime’s over
And sweep his pool of Legos to the side.
He sets his jaw, to prove he won’t rollover;
I’m only Dad, and he’s got toddler pride.
He folds his arms across his chest and crouches
As if, somehow, that anchors him in place.
But I’m Almighty Dad! Despite his grouches,
I scoop him up and kiss his frowning face.

He howls about his toys and reaches for them
Despite the fact we’re nearly out the door.
You’d think he’d been condemned and I’m the warden,
The way he squirms and kicks with every roar…
Until he sees that dish of ice cream waiting.
The creature has been tamed! He’s celebrating!

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