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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Apart at the Streams

Swiftly flowing down the mountain,
Mighty torrents raging toward the sea
Crash helplessly against
The rocky outcrops thrusting upward
From the canyon floor below.

The currents have a mind of their own,
Resisting any change imposed
By their current course
Toward the sea…
But they struggle in vain,
For even the power of rushing water
Is channeled by unrelenting rock.

In time the mountains may erode,
May crumble away beneath the torrents’ rage…
But not today.
Despite their thunderous flow,
The monolithic rocks ahead
Will smash them into a dozen creeks and rivers,
Each more amenable
To the whims of the rafters
And the tubers
And the fishermen
More concerned with a day’s relaxation
Than the blunt exercise of power.

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