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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Not great poetry… but it was inspired by great chocolate!

Dark and sweet and oh so yummy,
I want chocolate every day;
Feels so comfy in my tummy.
I like chocolate every way:

Bought in bars or baked from batter,
Chunky chips or creamy smooth,
In a bag or on a platter,
There’s no problem it can’t soothe.

Heartily I sing its praises.
Whether it’s a gift or bought,
Send me two or three more cases.
I like choc-o-late… A LOT!

Monday, July 28, 2014


Deftly wielding His lightning brush,
God mixes the many colors of
His life-giving palette and
Splashes a flickering halo
Behind the fast-moving grey clouds.
His brush now loaded to overflowing,
One broad stroke
Sends a heavy wash of color
Thundering toward the dry ground.
Dry green leaves relax and sparkle;
Sandy dust deepens to muddy red;
Glassy streams surge with His creative juices.
Dormant seeds yawn and stretch toward the freshly-painted sky;
Thirsty wildlife laps at the
Puddling overflow from His palette.
Meanwhile, dull humans clutch their collars,
Scurry for shelter, and
Mutter about the inconvenience.

Friday, July 25, 2014

P. Doggy

My apologies to P. Diddy.
The dog had refused to cooperate every time I took him out.
When we finally embarked on our daily walk
he had to stop so many times I nicknamed him P.Doggy…
and from that came this crazy rap song.

He ain’t been all day
He’s an anxious mutt
He ain’t got no time
To sit and lick his butt
He’s P. Doggy
He’s gotta go P. Doggy

I said, “Hey, P. Doggy!
Wanna go for a walk?”
He drug me straight to the door
He didn’t want no talk
He’s P. Doggy
He’s gotta go P. Doggy

Early on, he wouldn’t wake up
So he missed
Now his eyes are sorta bulging
Gotta let

He’s a spoiled little mongrel
But his rep is good
He takes the lead with his homie
When they’re prowling the ‘hood
He wants his doggy treats straight
From his homeboy’s hand
And likes his water served neat
In a golden pan
He got his doggy license bling
Hanging ‘round his neck
But if he don’t go soon
He’s gonna be a wreck
He’s P. Doggy
He’s gotta go P. Doggy
He’s gonna go P. Doggy
He’s gonna go—

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Giant Steppes

Huns once roamed the steppes of Asia;
In their time, the Mongols too.
Bulgars came, as did the Magyars;
Goths and Sabirs took their due.

Many kingdoms, many peoples,
Many cultures rose and fell.
Nomad pride shaped human history—
Left its mark, then bid farewell.

Horses they domesticated
Soon bore saddles they designed.
Composite bows sprang from their vision;
Soon their neighbors fell behind!

Were their contributions trivial?
He’s a fool who soon forgets
The small leaps made by groups of nomads
As they roamed the giant steppes.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Prayer for Peas

Dear Lord, my son won’t eat his peas;
He whines so much, I’m on my knees!
I’ve crushed them in his applesauce
And fried them up with yellow squash.
I’ve baked them in blueberry muffins,
Mushed them in the turkey stuffin’,
Hid them in the Cornish hen,
And mixed them with his M&Ms.
It seems, no matter what I try,
He spits them out and starts to cry.
I’m desperate, Lord. Oh, help me please!
My little monster NEEDS his peas!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Creature from the Block Lagoon

“NO!” he snaps when I say playtime’s over
And sweep his pool of Legos to the side.
He sets his jaw, to prove he won’t rollover;
I’m only Dad, and he’s got toddler pride.
He folds his arms across his chest and crouches
As if, somehow, that anchors him in place.
But I’m Almighty Dad! Despite his grouches,
I scoop him up and kiss his frowning face.

He howls about his toys and reaches for them
Despite the fact we’re nearly out the door.
You’d think he’d been condemned and I’m the warden,
The way he squirms and kicks with every roar…
Until he sees that dish of ice cream waiting.
The creature has been tamed! He’s celebrating!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Assaulted Peanuts

They’re huddled together, safe, deep underground
‘Til ruffians roust ‘em and push ‘em around.
Tossed in a sack, they get carted away
And they never get over what happens that day.
They’re drowned in salt water then thrown in an oven,
Their shells stripped away ‘til they ain’t wearin’ nothin’!
Imprisoned in cans, their despair’s understandable;
Soon they'll wind up ‘twixt some palate and mandible.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Movie Night

Pop the popcorn,
Dim the lights,
Surf the channels…
Gotta find an action flick.
Gotta find a good one.
Gotta have a famous star.
Gotta have a decent plot
(That thins the prospects quite a bit!)
Gotta be commercial-free…
But even then
Nothing suits me.
Guess I’ll pop in the Die Hard DVD
And live to yippee-kai-yay
Another day.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hello Kiddie

He can’t be more than three years old,
This little ball of fire;
He’s got his nose in everything
And never seems to tire.

He runs around the restaurant;
He stops at every booth.
He smiles real big so everyone
Can see he lost a tooth.

He tilts his head and shouts “Hello!”
Then yells a little louder,
“HELLO!” in case you didn’t hear
Before you spilled your chowder.

Perhaps his parents just don’t care;
Perhaps they urged him on.
But diners here will all rejoice
When Hello Kiddie’s gone.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Apart at the Streams

Swiftly flowing down the mountain,
Mighty torrents raging toward the sea
Crash helplessly against
The rocky outcrops thrusting upward
From the canyon floor below.

The currents have a mind of their own,
Resisting any change imposed
By their current course
Toward the sea…
But they struggle in vain,
For even the power of rushing water
Is channeled by unrelenting rock.

In time the mountains may erode,
May crumble away beneath the torrents’ rage…
But not today.
Despite their thunderous flow,
The monolithic rocks ahead
Will smash them into a dozen creeks and rivers,
Each more amenable
To the whims of the rafters
And the tubers
And the fishermen
More concerned with a day’s relaxation
Than the blunt exercise of power.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Fedora Man

He’s a square-jawed classic hero—
Chiseled features, classic tan,
And he whips up on the bad guys.
He’s the star—Fedora Man!

Silhouetted ‘gainst the sunset
He stands tall while others cringe,
While the villain snarls and mutters,
Contemplating his revenge.

After many flashy fight scenes
Sir Fedora saves the day…
Then he smiles towards the ladies,
Taps his brim, and walks away.

How the fellows long to be him!
How the ladies fawn and swoon!
How the movie makers love him!
He’ll be back again… and soon!

Meanwhile, stores can’t keep fedoras
On the shelves. Investors grin;
Normal guys would pay a fortune
Just to be Fedora Men.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Stars in Their Eyes

It’s the Fourth of July. Happy Birthday, America!

Thirteen was the lucky number,
White stars dancing on a field of blue—
But far from blue, these dreamers gazed
Far beyond, stars in their eyes
And hopes for the future.
The path they blazed
Would set the world on fire.

Decades passed; the number grew,
More stars filling the field of blue
As more and more dreamers joined the dance.
New frontiers, more change and challenge,
Tested their resolve…
They took the chance
And somehow made it through.

Fifty is the number now,
Symbolic of the nation’s souls and more
From other lands with dreams the size
Of America, dreams of freedom.
Tough challenges await…
But what a prize
Awaits those reaching for the stars!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Duel in the Sun

I sit in traffic, idling.
The sun beats down upon my head—
Or rather, on my car.
It might as well be me instead.

The temperature is rising.
I turn the A/C up a bit
And wish the light would change.
It doesn’t; here I sit.

The sweat begins to trickle.
My brow is damp; my eyes are burning.
Slowly traffic moves;
My car makes growls I find concerning.

The heat has made me weak;
I wonder if I’m going to die.
I have no other choice;
I flick the A/C fan to high.

A blast of cold air greets me
But my relief ends very fast.
My car bucks like a bronco;
With one loud bang, it breathes its last.

I’m going to miss my meeting.
Repairs will break the bank again.
But worst of all, the weather’s changed;
I’m stranded and it’s going to rain.