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Monday, June 9, 2014

Credit Cards of the Rich and Famous

They’re the cards accepted everywhere.
With names like Mink and Posh and Ruby,
They readily admit that you can never meet their credit limit.

You know it isn’t fair
But they don’t care about your feelings!
The fact that you don’t have one tells them you’re a cash-strapped high-risk dimwit.

They don’t want you at their party.
Bouncers say your payment’s tardy—
Or it WILL be. They all know your kind;
To let you in would be foolhardy!

They’re posing for the paparazzi—
Plastic cards, all flat and sassy,
Sculpting their physiques by doing jumping jacks on your poor wallet.
I’m sure, no matter what you call it,
Mink and friends are antisocial when it comes to folks who aren’t so flashy.

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