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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


My schedule had become so tight
I had no time to cook at night.
Friends offered me a helping hand;
That’s how I learned of BaggieLand.

In BaggieLand the work’s pre-done
And packed in bags that serve just one.
You then select the meal you crave
And pop it in the microwave.

It sounded tailor-made for me
So I went on a shopping spree
For baggies I could quickly pop
In the oven cold and pull out hot.

The next day, while my stomach rumbled,
I wondered, as through bags I bumbled,
What’s IN these bags? I couldn’t tell
For the ice disguised their contents well.

At last I chose a meal at random
And wondered why they hadn’t canned ‘em—
Why, then the labels might be plain
To any hungry scatterbrain!

The first one that I cooked was bad;
The next was worse. This baggie fad
Was not for me. I’m back to canned
‘Cause you starve to death in BaggieLand!

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