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Friday, June 20, 2014

All the News That’s Fit to Printout

Our modern world is changing fast
And some lament its speed—
The news is coming at us now
Much faster than we can read.
In fact, it’s faster than we can print!
So I guess it’s no surprise
That the daily paper we used to buy
Is dying before our eyes.

Some folks lament how “days gone by”
No longer mean as much
And the ways we used to stay informed
Just can’t go on as such.
It’s easier now (and cheaper too)
To simply cruise the Web
And have our news delivered with
The speed of a thoroughbred.

The comics page is hard to read
‘Cause the paper’s saving space;
If I want to see how Garfield is,
He’s bigger in cyberspace.
My newsfeed updates by the hour
So I’m never far behind,
And the downtown editor’s just one voice
While blogs share a billion minds.

In the end I suppose that the fit survive
And the rest join the fossil set;
That newsprint’s a fad that’s seen better days
And that trees hope we’ll soon forget.
But when newspapers really do go extinct,
Such a headline will make me sad…
For what will we line the birdcage with
If not with the local rag?

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