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Friday, April 11, 2014

Someone Shot the Basketball

Someone shot the basketball
And now our team can’t play.
They all just stand around and stare
At where that flat thing lay.
We thought we’d have a friendly game—
We’re sitting ‘round instead
‘Cause someone shot the basketball
And now the poor thing’s dead.

Yes, someone shot the basketball…
But what harm had it done?
It’s true the team was pretty bad;
Still, we had lots of fun.
At least, I did. I laughed a lot
When others played the fool
And did a faceplant on the court
While I made moves so cool…

Hmmmm… Perhaps they shot the basketball
‘Cause I was much too good.
Perhaps the ball would not be flat
Had I but understood
Humiliation isn’t fun.
I wonder—could it be—
That someone shot the basketball
Instead of shooting me?

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