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Friday, April 18, 2014

Executing God’s Plan

God had a plan from Genesis onward—
A plan from before the world began,
A plan designed to correct the destruction
Unleashed by His selfish creature, Man.

Through prophets of old, He wrote it down
So His people would know that God still cares,
That He wanted to help them, to break sin’s power
With a plan more ambitious than men would dare.

“My Plan will set you free,” He said,
“If you’ll follow Him like the other twelve.”
But men stood their ground and refused to yield…
Then they executed God’s Plan themselves.

The sky turned black and the city shook
As the Plan hung, posted on a manmade tree
For all to see, a story unfinished
As yet… but people still wouldn’t read.

And that’s how it goes. God spins His tale
Though men and devils still vent their rage
Against His story but God writes on…
And He will till He writes the final page.

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