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Monday, April 14, 2014

Eggstreme Truths

This week I’m doing verses about
different aspects of Easter.
This one intentionally sounds a bit strange
since the Easter Sensei is a bit strange himself…

Since we live in a world that’s more urban than rural,
The Easter egg paints a bewildering mural.
Does it leave you perplexed, more than words can say?
Then just heed these thoughts from the Easter Sensei:

This egg symbolizes a new life begun.
We boil it till nothing’s alive when we’re done
Then we dye it to make it a bright shiny color
‘Cause a plain white boiled egg really couldn’t be duller.

An Easter egg will never hatch—
Not once, no matter how large the batch.
If you find an Easter egg that peeps,
Leave it alone! It’s NOT for keeps!

Once we’ve dyed all the eggs, we head out to some storefront
And buy hollow shells for the kids’ Easter egg hunt.
Plastic eggs full of sweets are the choice of this brood
Because kids prefer candy instead of real food.

In parting, you may ask:
Are Easter eggs all that they’re cracked up to be?
That depends, my young pupil. Do you want lunch?
Then maybe.

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