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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Some people say the dinosaur
     evolved into a chicken.
It seems to me that, if that’s true,
     the plot has merely thickened
‘Cause wouldn’t giant chickens be
     a goal for modern breeders?
They’d be a revelation
     for those truly hardcore eaters!
Forget the monster burgers…
     they could order monster legs!
But could you eat a breakfast
     with a single scrambled egg?
Your pool-sized crock pot might take days
     to get that stewed bird done;
You wouldn’t order chicken wings—
     you’d only order one!
Commercials starring Chickasaurus Rex
     would be amazin’—
The cows that shill for Chic-Fil-A
     would not act quite so brazen.
But if hens come from dinosaurs,
     I hope they don’t revert
‘Cause if they put the bite on us
     I’m pretty sure it’d hurt.

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