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Monday, February 17, 2014

Olympic Fail

On some days, things go bad for me;
On other days, it’s worse.
And when my friends are there to watch,
It makes me want to curse.
I hate to fail but I can deal
With that—it’s commonplace.
Embarrassment’s a different thing…
I don’t like losing face.

So how do our Olympians
Survive the scrutiny?
To fail in front of billions
Sounds like suicide to me!
I don’t know how they get back up
And face the test again;
I’m not sure I could do the same
If I were one of them.

So I salute the multitude
Of failed Olympians
Who slipped or took a face plant
But got right back up again.
It’s folks like them who let us see
That failure’s not the end;
It’s just a blip that happens when
You’re good enough to win.

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