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Friday, January 17, 2014

You Can Take This Job and Shovel It

Once upon a dung heap, growing
Daily as my boss kept throwing
Workers underneath the bus,
    The word came: My career was done.
Soon he called me to a meeting
Where there was no use in pleading;
Even if I’d made a fuss
    The odds I’d win were next to none.
    Soon my job was jettisoned.

Though my resume looked pretty
And at interviews I’m witty,
Economics ruled the day;
    An opening I could not find.
In my field, no help was needed.
Painfully, I soon conceded
I should find another way
    To fatten up my bottom line
    Before my payments fell behind.

In the want ads I discovered
A position for horse lovers.
Pail and shovel I would wield —
    At least the job would be secure.
Like my former daily grind,
I still begin each day behind!
I’ve learned, no matter what your field,
    Our force of workers would be fewer
    If most fields weren’t filled with manure.

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