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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Crater Good

Supposedly an asteroid
impacted in the Yucatán
and ended dinosaurian dominion.
This mass extinction left a void
that one day would be filled by man —
at least, that’s the predominant opinion.

Now sixty million years or so
have passed since “Thunder Boulder” struck
and nearly left the earth depopulated.
But since that time, we’ve lots to show!
Although some say it’s merely luck,
new forms of life appeared and copulated.

So when your future’s looking bad —
the bull’s-eye for an earthbound stone —
Just think about those frightened little mice
who, once preyed on by saurian cads,
now found that Earth was theirs to roam!
Disasters sometimes lead to paradise…

Unless you’re a dinosaur, that is.

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