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Friday, January 10, 2014

P.J. Bottom

One of those silly ideas that just begs to be written…
primarily so you can get it out of your head!
Just for the record, it probably didn't really happen this way...

Hey, have you heard the stirring drama
Of how we wound up with pajamas?

Long ago, in days of old,
Folks wore nightshirts. Knees got cold!

Then along came P.J. Bottom,
Inventor of sleepers. People bought ‘em!

Grownups soon cut off the feet,
Making long johns. Pretty sweet!

The one-piece top was next to go.
(Some guys preferred their pecs to show.)

The “trap door” was no longer needed —
Just drop your drawers before you’re “seated”!

A short nightshirt came back in fashion.
The pairing of the two was dashin’!

And that’s the tale of how we got ‘em…
Thanks to the genius of P.J. Bottom!

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