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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Turkey in Your Craw

“It’s hard to soar with eagles when
You live with turkeys,” so they say.
Be thankful, grounded fliers—you
Can take revenge Thanksgiving Day!
Take wing (or leg or even breast—
Whichever one you like the best)
And vent your wrath with tasty glee…
Then chomp another piece or three!

But if the eagles grate your nerves
And of their flights you’ve had enough,
Just eat your fill, content to join
The Brotherhood of Turkeys, stuffed
With mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie,
And every food that makes you sigh
Then hit the couch! Your bulging frame
Can crash and watch the football game.

Perhaps you don’t like either side
And find both types a bit too fowl.
This holiday is not your thing;
It makes you want to sit and scowl.
So be it, friend. Your fate is worse
Than those I’ve mentioned in this verse
Because it’s YOU who ends up gnawed
And not the turkey in your craw.

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