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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Day After Turkey Day

‘Twas the day after Turkey Day. All through the barnyard
Survivors were angry. Their lives were so darn hard
Already! They just wanted someone to blame…
So they started to list all those villains by name:
Some blamed the first settlers from times long ago;
Some blamed the first turkeys for being too slow.
A few blamed the cows from the Chic-Fil-A store.
(Every barnyard is rife with conspiracy lore
Like “Kentucky Fried Chicken’s an alien plot”
And “That turkey they pardon still goes in a pot.”)

But one turkey stepped up and said, “Let’s endeavor
To look at the bright side. No bird lives forever
But while we are here, aren’t we all quite contented?
We’re fed the best food and our needs are attended.
At last, when it’s time, butchers take us out quick
And we give thankful families our breasts and drumsticks.
Few creatures have purposes noble as we.
We ALL should be thankful. We’re blessed! Don’t you see?”

Those who heard traded glances, then nodded assent;
They’d heard this before and they knew what it meant.
And so, though the farmer was never sure how,
Turkey Day claimed another… and the birds blamed a cow.

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