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Monday, November 18, 2013

Pepto Abysmal (aka Thunder Lizards)

Some scientists say dinos died
‘Cause insects fastened to their sides
And passed diseases ‘round the earth.
In time, their deaths outnumbered births.

But I’ve a theory some revile,
A theory that makes others smile.
I think that we must ask the question:
Did dinos die from indigestion?

Before the dinos went extinct,
Perhaps their era simply stinked.
The stench from those enormous blasts
Would thin the herds out pretty fast!
Such gross intestinal terrorism
Might breed a growing skepticism
That drove them all to cash it in.
Why fight a battle you can’t win?

I think we call them “thunder lizards”
Because the gases in their gizzards
Resulted in explosive spasms,
Creating a deadly smelly miasm.
I’m sure such vocal metabolism
Could cause a saurian cataclysm!

That’s why I think the ‘saurs died out.
And of this fact I have no doubt:
In the history of our universe,
This “Big Bang” had to be the worst.

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