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Monday, October 14, 2013


This cloud is the computer kind—you know,
a way to store information online.

The digital sky went on forever…
Or so to men it seemed.
Little by little, the fluffy white clouds
Filled up its placid scene.

Horizons darkened as grayscale fronts
Turned bitmapped black and white.
Soon thunderous sound shook the file-filled sky
And streamed from the growing night.

Maybe a hacker did digital seeding;
Maybe the sunspots came.
Whatever the reason, as lightning flashed,
Down came the digital rain.

As videos splattered computer screens
Unbidden by the mouse,
They ran like Salvador Dali’s thoughts
And puddled around the house.

Photos and emails and spreadsheets too
Became a swirly mess.
Did that say a porn star made Junior rich?
Receivers could only guess.

The downpour subsided, the landscape soaked
With info none could risk.
But some nameless nerd saved the day again—
Thank God for his backup disc!

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