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Friday, September 20, 2013

Sloshed in Space

A very different tale of “first contact.”

“Ignite main rockets NOW!” yells Captain Clark.
“Great danger threatens Earth. We have to hurry!”
As blazing gases rush into the dark
Expanse of space, his brave crew starts to worry.
YOU’RE TOO LATE says the latest cryptic threat…
Too late for what? And how should they respond?
They speed toward a foe they haven’t met;
Without a plan, they might not last for long.

Somewhere out past Saturn they find the source—
In orbit there, a massive battle force!
A ghostly head the size of Mozambique
Appears and glares; they tremble as it speaks:
“You’re too late now; the party’s finished here
And once again you didn’t bring the beer!”

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