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Monday, September 2, 2013

Made in the Shade

An attempt to write a poem
with unusual and complex rhymes.
It sounds a bit silly but it was fun to write.

Though summer wanes,
The humid days continue.
Though pressing needs
Preclude a change of venue
And no relief
Is in the weather menu…
Go seek some shade
Where maybe sweat won’t drench you.

When temperatures
Can lead to heat prostration,
The Temple of
Cool Shade is my salvation.
There, sheltered so,
I rest with less frustration…
And hopefully
Feel much less perspiration.

So as I wait
For autumn’s cooling breezes
(And possibly
Hay fever, colds, and sneezes),
I’ll savor days
Like these till summer ceases
And winter comes…
And every shade tree freezes.

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