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Friday, September 13, 2013

Life’s a Sitcom

Life’s a sitcom. Aren’t you laughing?
Scattered through life’s tragedies
You’ll see people acting silly.
Look at all the comedy…

Don’t you know a guy like Sheldon,
Big Bang Theory’s anal nerd?
Does it drive you crazy when
He has to have the final word?

Maybe you’re pursued by Barney,
How I Met Your Mother’s stud.
(Note that grown-up Doogie Howsers
Won’t be like the child you loved.)

Don’t your Friends all drive you crazy
Like your Modern Family?
Have you got a Cheersy hideout
When you need a place to flee?

Then there's folks who think YOU’RE crazy;
At The Office, you’re THEIR pest!
Whether you’re a Mike or Molly,
Life’s a sitcom. Aren’t you blest?

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