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Monday, August 12, 2013

Which Came First, the Bacon or the Egg?

I was eating breakfast at an IHOP
(International House of Pancakes)
when this brief meditation on the relative
unimportance of “who came first” occurred to me.

Once mankind learned the source of bacon,
It wasn’t long before the making
Of sausage, chops, and other meats
Sent piggies squealing in the streets.

The chicken thought herself much wiser.
Convinced that man would be much nicer
If chicks were worth more live than dead,
She churned out food from her straw-lined bed.

It didn’t last; her ruse fell through
Once mankind found she cooked well too!
And even when everything “tastes like chicken”
She proves to be the most finger-licking.

So which came first?  That’s hard to say
And it may not matter anyway
Since the head of the line meets his end the fastest;
It’s the back of the line where you get fried lastest.

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