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Friday, August 23, 2013

Mary Went a Little Glam

Not sure what glam is? Think early 1970s music.
Think about the look of Ziggy Stardust,
Roxy Music, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show…
Or maybe you shouldn’t. Ugh…

Mary went a little glam;
She thought it psychedelic.
But everywhere that Mary went
Folks labeled her a relic.

She shaved off half her purple hair
And spiked the rest with mousse.
Her tie-dyed spandex leggings clashed
With shiny platform boots.

She wore so much mascara, she
Resembled a cadaver.
Her fascination with the look
Meant boys refused to have ‘er.

At last her friends said, “Change or else!”
She thought them cruel and stuffy…
But now she’s dressing preppy and
Has changed her name to Buffy.

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