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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


A poem for the Fourth of July.
Technically, the American Revolution ended
With the Siege of Yorktown (Virginia). The British Army,
Under the command of General Lord Charles Cornwallis,
Surrendered to a combined French and American force
On 1781 October 19. The war continued
For another year as peace talks dragged on
And formally ended on 1783 September 3.

It was the end and also the beginning.
A small port of call, founded for shipping
Tobacco back to European markets,
Was captured by an enemy whose power was slipping.
They dug in to make their last stand. Did the British know
That their hopes of victory set sail that day?
Did the Americans know they'd “arrived” as a country?
Did the French know another revolution was floating their way?

Freedom is an intoxicating concept,
Tantalizing the mind but seizing the heart.
The founders of Yorktown never imagined their dream
Would be where America’s biggest export got its start.

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