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Monday, July 8, 2013

Takin’ My Talents to Myrtle Beach

The hot weather got me thinking about
LeBron James’s now infamous decision:
“I’m takin’ my talents to South Beach.”
But Myrtle Beach is much nearer my home…

My bossman, he just don’t appreciate
What a good job I do. No, it ain’t no reach
To decide the best thing I can possibly do:
I’m takin’ my talents to Myrtle Beach.

So much time gets wasted in useless work
And the pay is so low. We sit here for days
While the sunshine goes wanting. Let’s get up and go!
I’m skilled at preparing for fast getaways!

The smart girls head oceanward; they don’t wade
In secretarial pools. That’s poor fishing there!
Let’s go where career babes all travel in schools
And my angling skills matter – at Myrtle so fair!

So let me make this perfectly clear…

I’m skilled at acquiring the ways and the means
For escaping these overly boring routines.
So please understand, I don’t mean to be rude…
But I’m takin’ my talents to Myrtle Beach, dude!

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