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Friday, July 19, 2013

Dogged by the Curse 44

Slowly Chase got to his hands and knees,
Then stood up, his legs unsteady beneath him.
He slapped his hands together, brushing away
Clouds of sooty dust – a workman preparing to
Undertake a heavy job. With an evil grin
He muttered, “So you want to play, do you?
Then let me show you the fate of rabid dogs.”

Dietrich stood his ground between Chase
And his friends. Benedict and Lilian still lay
Where they had fallen when Chase was thrown back.
Slowly they gathered themselves enough to sit
And watch the brewing battle unfold.
Dietrich never turned his eyes to them,
So focused was he on his foe.
He dug his paws into the smoking ground,
Bracing himself for Chase’s retaliation.

Chase straightened his arms at his sides,
His hands palms down, and closed his eyes.
Then, with a sudden twist he gritted his teeth,
Screamed, and flipped his hands palms up.

Dietrich shook, his back arching
As an unseen force clawed at him,
Attempting to lift him into the air.
The glow around him intensified
The two stood motionless, shaking from the strain
Of apparently doing nothing… but both
Benedict and Lilian knew better. That unseen power
Had both of them pinned helpless to the ground.

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