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Friday, July 12, 2013

Dogged by the Curse 43

Again Chase clenched the rope
And again more lightning danced
Down its length… but Dietrich didn’t react.
Instead, he lowered his head and snarled —
A low, threatening sound that slowly deepened
Into a rumbling growl that built
Into a wall of echoes. Louder
And louder, never stopping long enough
For the hound to even breathe, it filled
The clearing and drove away the smoky mist.
Then the rope itself began to vibrate,
Throwing sparks that crackled even worse
Around the hand that held it. Chase
Gritted his teeth and grunted, his body convulsing
As he tried to maintain his grip until
The rope shattered like fine crystal…
And a blast like a keg of gunpower flung him
Back from the hound and his friends.

Stunned, Chase sat up, shaking his head
As he tried to focus on his furry foe.
The quivering glow that surrounded the beast
Had to be the result of this host’s frailty.

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