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Monday, July 1, 2013

Bananamus Rex

I guess the title would mean “king of the bananas.”
And I guess this also means that the heat has me thinking
About things like ice cream way too much!

Way back in the days of the Herbaceous Era,
Way back when the flowersaurs wandered the earth
Bananamus Rex was the unquestioned ruler.
Not one of his peers could grow stems of such girth.

Though envious berries would say he was yellow,
Though fat sassy melons would call him thin-skinned,
He knew he was bigger than all their stem envy…
And great genus Musa was right in the end.

He welcomed the ice age and prospered despite it,
Evolving into the Bananamus Split;
A bunch of his relatives broke into movies—
They got starring roles giving comics the slip.

Some teamed up with sports doctors, working with athletes
To speed their recovery and give them an edge…
And then to the rest of us, B. Rex gave MUFFINS!
To disrespect B. Rex is pure sacrilege.

We’re way past the days of the Herbaceous Era;
We’re way past when flowersaurs wandered the earth.
But I think, of all those Herbaceous genera,
Bananamus Rex has most proven his worth.

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