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Monday, June 24, 2013


T-shirts, that is… not the golf kind.

Stand up, my friends, and sing its praise –
All hail the noble tee!
It’s worn by every gender, race,
And age group that we see.

We wear them when we exercise
Or drop by Burger King,
When we see sights at DisneyWorld…
Or just need covering!

But most of all, they give us voice
When we’ve got things to say;
We share our truest, deepest selves
With an in-your-face display.

Without the help of Noble Tee,
How would I ever know
That man’s still searching for the beef?
(I thought we found it though.)

That group of kids Just Did It –
Though I’m unclear on the facts –
While other kids are chilling out
‘Cause Frankie said “Relax.”

I pity would-be fashion plates
In sharp tuxedo tees
While those who heart some awkward things
Defy analyses.

And sometimes tees say so much more
Than those who wear them see…
Like knowing you’re with Stupid.
That explains a lot to me.

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