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Friday, June 21, 2013

Dogged by the Curse 40

Dietrich bayed angrily, his howls echoing
Eerily through the unseen cavern around him;
And the flames that had surrounded him,
Walling him off from his friends and his enemy,
Flickered as he charged toward Benedict’s voice.
He leapt through the flaming barrier, heedless
Of what might lie on the other side.

When he cleared the flames, he was in freefall.
And though he could see nothing but smoke,
Though he felt nothing beneath his feet,
He continued to run toward his prey.
Perceptions meant nothing in this place;
This hell existed solely to crush him
And he would NOT give the Chase such pleasure.
Onward he ran, churning the smoke
Into a whirlwind, faster and faster
Until at last the familiar voice of Benedict
Began to grow louder, clearer, nearer.
A rumbling growl built inside him
Until he could hold it back no more.
He erupted into a full-throated howl
As the flaming countryside reappeared
And he thundered toward the final judgment.

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