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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tooth Ferry

A few years back I was at Disneyworld
riding the ferry in front of Fantasyland.
I talked to a young boy who was confused by
the difference between a ferry and a fairy.
That’s where this idea came from.

She’s a riverboat queen
On a mystic Mississippi;
Got her paddlewheel a-turning
And her captain’s kinda chippy

‘Cause she knows tonight is busy –
There’s a million little shippers
With a load of teeth for pickup.
They’re such greedy little nippers!

She goes zipping ‘round the planet
With the help of ferry dust…
And a massive roll of greenbacks
To assuage financial lust.

But I wonder why she does it?
Baby teeth seem pretty useless
Though it might be I’m shortsighted
And am blinded by obtuseness.

I suppose somebody somewhere
Might be making tiny dentures…
But to me it seems the silliest
Of money-making ventures.

I suppose I’ll chew on this a bit…
But doubt I’ll ever swallow it.

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