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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Swing Thought

In golf, players sometimes think too much
about the mechanics of their swing.
(“Do this, don’t do that…”) A swing thought
is a single image the player uses to simplify
his thinking so he can just hit the ball.
I used that general idea as inspiration.
This poem is an experiment – I ignored
regular stresses and just created 6-syllable
lines with a terza rima rhyme scheme.

Although I look okay,
My head is still spinning
From that mess yesterday.

That was the beginning
Of today’s merry chase.
I’ll have to start thinning

This blur of thoughts that race
Recklessly through my brain,
Or I’ll never keep pace

With the other rats. “Aim
For the top” – that’s what I
Tell myself, but the strain

Just makes me wonder why.

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