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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rocky Mountain Fly

John Denver never imagined this…
but I’ve been there. He should have.

I was bored in the summer of my thirty-seventh year
Leaving home for a place I’d never seen before
I flew out to Colorado, thought I’d have a little fun
So I hit the trails – then I thought I heard a roar
Guess it coulda been a wildcat, coulda been a grizzly bear
Or it coulda been a buzzsaw running wild
But it had a bloody stinger twice the size of Braveheart’s sword
And I knew without a doubt that thing was riled!

It was a Colorado Rocky Mountain fly
It came screaming down like lightning from the sky
It buzzed around and laughed at me while I hopped around and cried
Rocky Mountain fly

I scrambled up the mountains, stumbled through the highland snow
And went tumbling through some briars that cut my face
Even got a little crazy once, playing Tarzan in the trees
But behind me, I could hear him keeping pace
So I hid out in some bushes where I got all tangled up
And I didn’t move, for fear of being found
Though I held my breath and closed my eyes and hoped he’d zip on by…
He found me and I left in one great bound

That Colorado Rocky Mountain fly
He’ll sting you in the ears and in the eyes
Then buzz around and laugh at you while your screams intensify
Rocky Mountain fly

Now this wilderness of wonder has become a house of fear
Haunted by a beast that preys on little me
I had to drive him from my life! There was just one thing to do…
My plane flight left at seven twenty-three

And the Colorado Rocky Mountain fly
It hovered near the plane and waved bye-bye
Then it buzzed around and laughed at me as I left for Anaheim
Rocky Mountain fly

Yeah, they’re Colorado Rocky Mountain flies
I’ve seen them raining terror from the skies
Welts all over campers and everybody cries
Rocky Mountain flies

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