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Monday, May 20, 2013

Cloak of Visibility

A poem about perceptions, both real and poetic.
Is the “invisible man” in this poem really invisible
or is it just his belief? Likewise, the poem
seems to be made of rhyming couplets
though it really isn’t. But it still sounds right
even if you leave out the parenthetical lines,
even though those are some of the rhyming lines
(which also question the man’s perceptions about himself).

No one ever sees him;
No one ever notices the quiet ones.
He wants to be noticed,
He wants his moment basking in the sun…
But what can he do?
He really doesn’t stand out.
What can he do?
No matter what he’s planned out
He’s afraid it’s all in vain.
It doesn’t matter what he does,
He’s still a little plain
Compared to those around him.
(Or so he thinks. Perhaps they feel the same.)
He wishes he could find a way
To be more than he is today
But no one ever sees him.
(Or do they?)

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