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Monday, April 29, 2013


Is the dreaded creature from
Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky
afraid of anything? It should be –
the Marvel Comics character, Wolverine!
If you don’t know, “snikt” is the sound
his claws make as they snap into action.

“Stop gimbling with those slithy toves!”
The father of young Jabberwock
Yelled. “Junior! Leave those borogroves –
We need to have a talk.

“Beware of Wolverine, my son!
His adamantine claws go snikt!
Before your claws can parry one,
Your burbling gut he’ll slit.

“Your brother’s head was soon removed
In battle by a vorpal blade
And though your skills are much improved
You ought to be afraid.

“For Logan is a manxome foe
Who snikts his prey with frightening speed
And even skilled assassins know
The odds. They’re gonna bleed!

“But you! You whiffle through the wood
And party ‘neath the Tumtum tree!
You’re not prepared! He’s much too good;
He’ll end your reverie!”

But Junior paid no mind, alas;
His fight with Wolverine was brief –
For although snicker-snacks are fast,
A snikt defies belief.

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