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Monday, April 8, 2013

Predestined to Choose (

I haven’t done a hymn meter poem
in quite some time. For this one
I chose (the D means the
entire pattern repeats), which is
a common meter for many hymn tunes.
In this case I chose a tune
called Nettleton, used for the hymn
Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing.

Is my future predetermined
Or is my will truly free?
Does God choose the path I follow
Or is that left up to me?
Does He send me into trouble
Or are my mistakes my own?
These are questions worth exploring
Though they may be overblown.

Pondering the repercussions
May appear a little tough
But this thorny proposition,
Once considered, is a bluff:
We don’t like to say we messed up
So our motive’s pretty plain –
If it’s God Who does the choosing
We can make Him take the blame!

Free will and predestination
Aren’t so hard to understand:
Even though He knows the future,
WE don’t know His master plan.
We still have to make decisions
Without knowing what will come…
If you want to claim the good calls,
Saying “God” chose bad is DUMB!

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