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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

End of the Silk Road

I travel over half the world
Along a maze of camel trails
Through desert sands
Through grassy steppes
Through mountain passes white with snow
A stew of cultures, swirling, blending
Lands and customs foreign to me
Never knowing who to trust
Or not…
Every merchant seeks his fortune
Every merchant seeks more power
Every merchant seeks the favor
Kings and queens alone can give…
Will I even live?
Death and danger trail behind me
Plague and hunger travel with me
Gold and honor loom before me
As I near the end of the Silk Road;
Day and night, like tireless bandits,
Try to steal my dreams of wealth
Waiting at the end of the Silk Road;
Choking on my fears, I struggle
Till I reach the end of the Silk Road

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