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Friday, February 15, 2013

Dogged by the Curse 22

Sometimes the simplest answers are the most
difficult to recognize. After several days of struggling
with what Garrett would be doing when Benedict
finally found him, I realized that just because
Garrett wasn't in his office and just because
Benedict didn't know where he was didn't mean that
someone else didn't know where he was. (DUH!)
I still have to work out a lot of the dialogue,
but at least I have the scene underway...

After he’d seen Miss Devin safely
To her room at the Vaxen Inn,
Benedict visited Constable Garrett…
Or, at least, he meant to.
The Constable’s Office was empty;
Dr. Fenn had not seen him all day
But suspected that Garrett was plotting intrigues
With the Cardinal. The Church could not be trusted!
(No offense to the Father, of course.)
Benedict merely smiled and nodded;
Fenn was a strange one, even for one
Who spent his life dealing with sickness and death.
Benedict thought him harmless…
But never turned his back on him.

After asking a few of the citizens,
Benedict finally found that Garrett
Had taken some men to search the woods
Along the river path. Eager for sunshine
After so much time caring for Dietrich,
Benedict wandered happily on his search.
In time the gentle murmur of the river
Gave way to strident voices, one of which
He recognized immediately.
Another minute’s walk, and Benedict
Could see the Constable address his men
And feel the stress among them as they worked.
“Greetings, Aiden, my friend,” the Father called,
“And may the good Lord bless you and your men.
Might a poor priest in some way lift your spirits?”

Garrett glanced up, startled, then a wide smile
Spread across his face. “Indeed, you’ve done that
Already,” he said as he reached for Benedict’s hand.
The other men also smiled as Benedict
Greeted each in turn. “Tis a fruitless search
That keeps us here,” Garrett said as the men
Went about their work. “A fruitless search indeed.
If you would, please walk with me.”

Benedict raised an eyebrow. “The werewolf?”
He asked, a touch of humor in his gaze.

Garrett nodded. “I only wish it were
A joke,” he said. “I’m not a man much given
To superstition, but the things I’ve seen
The last few days have shaken my beliefs.
I fear my grasp on what is real is lost.”

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