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Friday, February 1, 2013

Dogged by the Curse 21

This section is an excellent example of something
new writers don't understand. Although I have
a pretty good idea what's going to happen from here on out,
I don't have all the details... and I had no idea what
would happen in this section when I sat down to write it.
I knew I needed Simon Chase (the main villain) to do
something, though I didn't know what. But having written myself
into this corner, I realized Chase needed help
(I killed his second-in-command, John Burgher, way back in #8)
and suddenly the next step became very clear...

As Benedict escorted young Miss Devin
To the Vaxen Inn, Simon Chase
Glanced cautiously at the pair
As he diverted down a side street.
Once assured that no one followed,
He upped his pace and quickly darted
Down a narrow alley, dodging
In and out of doorways, slipping
Silently among the common
People, careful not to interfere
Or draw attention to himself.
And after several minutes of this
Cloak and dagger game, he calmly
Entered one of Vaxen’s taverns,
Looked along the bar, and wiggled in
Beside a largish man, his shoulders hunched,
His hat pulled down to hide his face.

“You seem a cheerful fellow. May I join you?”
Chase asked brightly. Answered with a grunt,
He called the barman for a beer then said,
“Perhaps you’d find a chair more to your liking?”
Another grunt. The man joined Chase
At a table near the back wall.

“I don’t like this at all,” he grunted.
“What if someone sees us here together?”

Chase laughed. “Oh, Jarvik, do relax.
Should anybody see us, they’ll have
No idea of who you are or what
We have in mind. Are you prepared?”

The Cardinal drank deeply, then he said,
 “The church would not approve of this.”

“Since when have church affairs been paramount
In your consideration?” Chase retorted.
‘I doubt your plans include the church at all,
Or that they even dream of your involvement
In our business. Tell me, do you even tithe
Your ‘profits’? Such a holy man as you
Must surely own a piece of heaven
All your own by now, eh Jarvik?”

“The devil take you, Chase,” was all he said.

Chase glared at him, then gave a rueful smile.
“I sometimes wonder if he’s tried already.”
He thought about the ghost wolf and
He shuddered. “Answer me. Are you prepared?”

“Aye,” Jarvik said. “I told the church’s leaders
That this creature might be hellspawn,
Born of a witch’s spite toward the church.
I told them of the saintly folk now murdered
By the beast. They couldn’t wait to help.”

Chase smirked. “My men would have enjoyed that –
Them, good saints avenged by Mother Church.”

Frowning, Jarvik let the slur pass. “They gave me
Special weapons, blessed against the darkness.
Have you any men left to use them?”

“Ah Cardinal, you represent the church,”
Chase mused. “No doubt good Christian men
Shall flock to aid you when you call.
We’ll have no lack of fodder for the beast.
We’ll feed it till it cannot move, then kill it.”
Chase took a deep draught from his mug.
“I understand the girl is your assistant.”

Warily Jarvik said, “She is. What of it?”

“I want her,” Chase replied.

Stunned, he asked, “Just who do you think you are?”

Chase took another draught. “The man who owns you,”
He said with a smile. “And soon I’ll own her too.”

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