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Monday, January 28, 2013

The Art of Finger Quoting

“Poor Ed couldn’t come today,”
Joanie says quietly. “He’s tired.”
But Ed’s not really tired.
I know this because
Joanie’s a finger quoter and
“Tired” is a finger quotation.

What is a finger quotation, you ask?
Joanie talks all normal-like
Until she reaches that last word…
Then she pauses and takes a deep breath.
She raises both hands like she’s
Showing me a new jacket and
Sticks the first two fingers on each hand
Up in the air and wiggles ‘em
Like they was little rabbit ears.
At the same time
She turns her head slightly to the side and
Raises her eyebrows as she says, “tired.”
Sometimes she even smiles and winks.

Tired is tired but
A finger quote is code.
Ed ain’t really tired…
But only Joanie knows for sure.
What’s really going on?
If Ed ain’t really tired…
Is he out playing golf?
Is he watching TV?
Does Joanie just think
He’s a whiny jerk?
Is she mad at him?
Did she kill him and
Now she’s stalling for time?
Is he out saving Gotham and
She’s guarding his secret?
Maybe she’s just
Messing with my mind.

And if she is…
Is she finger quoting “mind”?

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