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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Slave and a Haircut

The haircut came first.
Samson gave the Philistines
All kinds of trouble,
So they brought in a barber
To cut their losses –
Delilah the hair stylist.
By clipping his hair
You might say she clipped his wings.
A sexy crewcut?
More like a slave to fashion…

And then just a slave.
Chained, beaten and blinded
By his enemies,
The once long-locked hero
Of the Israelites
Was reduced to grinding grain
As a prisoner,
Which cut his life short as well.
For his final act
Samson did get his revenge,
Destroying thousands
As he died a messy death…
Although Delilah
Got away, scissors and all.
It’s better to be
The barber than the barbered,
I guess, even if
You don’t get tipped for the job.

Slave and a haircut;
Tragic hero and barber.
Thus immortalized,
Samson forever defined
The ultimate bad hair day.

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