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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lice Lice Baby

You can guess what rap song inspired this, can’t you?

Lice lice baby
Lice lice baby

Alright, stop – you got a head that’s itchin’
Lice can be the cause of alla your bitchin’
Them little punks be hangin’ on tightly
Don’t be takin’ their dissin’ lightly!
Will they ever stop? Yo, I don’t know
It can be hard to make ‘em all go
Crowd reaction’s like a bad sensation
When you’re caught havin’ an infestation

Folks start acting you’re some stranger
Carryin’ plague – you’re a source of danger
Alone in bed, you can hear them snackin’
On your scalp – gotta send them packin’!
Oodles of shampoo won’t cut through it
Scrubbin’ and combin’ ain’t gonna do it
Time to call your peeps, get your butt in motion –
Murder them buggers with de-lice lotion!

Ice the lice, baby
Ice the lice, baby

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